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SALDO PDU - Consultancy, Taxes, Bookkeeping

Company profile

Company SALDO PDU Ltd. was created as a result of increased demand from clients who in larger and larger measure asked for complete services, not only accounting kind of service.

SALDO PDU Ltd. is able to provide to its clients whole complete of accounting, economical - consulting, organisational, legislative, consultancy, audit and legal services. These services are secured by own staff or by contractual partners.

Every employee of SALDO PDU Ltd. has long-standing experience in his or her field from small and middle-sized companies - in amount of number of employees and annual turnovers.

Another possibility is providing complex economical or energetic system in a form of outsorcing. This way and amount of provided services is interesting especially for middle-sized companies, where immediately after the implementation it comes to considerable savings in human resources and expenses to acquisition and running database information and control system.

Each client has his own project manager, who is competent to carry out basic analysis and specify other co-workers for continuous discussion. Thus it's guaranteed that problems of the client are solved in all possible relationships and connections. Such an approach enables to the client minimisation of system errors in management and organisation. By delegation of declared activities to our company, the client has more possibilities for the development of his own subject of enterprise.

Delegated activities provided from our company are assured in maximal way professionally, completely and correctly. The company is also insured against professional liability.